Dear Ruth, Christine and the wonderful staff at Gymbaroo Maitland, For Easter this year instead of chocolate I have decided to give you my eternal gratitude. On behalf of my family I would like to thank you so much for everything you do for us. Gymbaroo has changed our lives. We use the principles that we learn each week in class, every single day. My 5 yo son that started school this year is going so much better than I expected. He is one of the ost confident children in the class, and classroom rules have come really easy for him. He is reading already although I did not expect it! My 2 yo loves Gymbaroo and talks about it constantly. He amazes me everyday at how much more cognitively and physically developed he is at the same age as my other two children. I totally credit Gymbaroo with this. Thank you for continuing to offer such a wonderful activity for my children. Have a happy, safe and relaxing Easter.

Melissa Snell - Maitland

I was looking for something fun & exciting for my 2 daughters aged 18 months & 3 years to do and I stumbled accross an advertisement for Gymbaroo in the local phone book. I had no idea what Gymbaroo was so I phoned and spoke with Ruth. From talking with Ruth I was sold within seconds. My girls have been going to Gymbaroo for 2 years and my son started this year and they (we) all love it. Gymbaroo Maitland is a fantastic centre which has given my children the opportunity to learn & develop new skills in a fun & exciting way. From singing & dancing to climbing & jumping it is so much fun. I can see how much more confident my children are & they are willing to try new things & join in on group activities. This will make things a lot easier when my eldest daughter starts school next year. Jasmine had to undertake school readiness testing at her new school. it was amazing as everything they tested we had done at Gymbaroo. She passed with flying colours.The teacher commented on how well she had gone. I told her about Gymbaroo. Gymbaroo has also given me the chance to meet other parents and have a talk and a laugh together. It has also provided me with information that can only help me become a better mother. The staff at Maitland Gymbaroo are great. Christine our amazing teacher is beyond words. She is so patient & kind to the children. She makes them feel so special & important. She is a wealth of knowledge & she knows how those little brains work . My children think that she is fantastic. I only have to say "Christine said we have to do this" & they do it. I cannot recommend Maitland Gymbaroo too much. I am so pleased that I stumbled accross the advertisement in the local phone book, It has given me the opportunity to spend special time each of my children every week. Thank you Maitland Gymbaroo.

Nicole Hale - Maitland

i have enjoyed taking my daughter to maitland gymbaroo she gets excited each week to go and has been learning so many new things she has been attending for 2 1/2 years now and the little info session at the end of each class helps myself as a parent learn also all staff are very friendly and helpfull keep up the good work we love it and recommend to any 1

Peta Waugh - Cessnock

Soon after moving from North Queensland, I was keen to involve my 2 children in a range of activities, not only to aide various aspects of their development, but perhaps more importantly, for social interactions. I found an ad for Gymbaroo and after getting more information ,was extremely interested. Being a trained early childhood teacher, and running 'Brain Gym' sessions each morning with my preschoolers and special needs children, Gymbaroo sounded perfect - satisfying the 'teacher in me' criteria! I initially planned to only enrol my 3 year daughter Emily, but with my 2 year in tow each week, it was only a matter of time before Harry enrolled in his own class. Both kids absolutely love their Thursday sessions, as do I. Each activity is very well planned, has a purpose, and of course is fun. I leave each week thinking "That would be a great activity to use in my classroom when I go back teaching"! I have recently enrolled my 5 month old son Riley in the Baby program, and have already leanrt so much about baby development which we generally take for granted. I would highly recommend Gymbaroo to any parent, and am extremely pleased that my kids and I have had the chance to be involved in such a quality and worthwhile program. Christine, Ruth & Di at Maitland Gymbaroo will certainly be missed by our family when we return 'home' next year. Thank you Gymbaroo!

Sue Dries - Maitland

I just wanted to thank both Ruth and Christine for providing both my kids Curtis (aged 8) and Caitlin (aged 4.5) a wonderful learning journey at Gymbaroo over the last 7.5 years. Curtis was one of the first enrolments at Gymbaroo when the centre first opened and Caitlin attended from 6 weeks of age. Curtis is about to start year 4 and Caitlin Kindergarten in 2011. Gymbaroo has given them a fantastic foundation for their future development. As a parent I am extremely pleased that both my kids have been involved in such a wonderful program. I can not congratulate you both enough for what you have provided for my kids as I will definately miss you both and the weekly Gymbaroo routine. I would highly encourage every parent to enrol their kids in such a worthwhile program because the benefits are rewarding.

Belinda Johnston - Maitland

I started at Gymbaroo Maitland about 5 years ago when I was looking for something to help my son's (who is now 7 and at school) development. He has a slight developmental delay which affects his Gross Motor skills and at that time he was about 12 months behind where he should have been. I came across the sign for Gymbaroo, when they were able to place it at the lights at Greenhills, advertising a neurological development program for babies. As Brandon's condition is neurological I thought this may help, and it did!! Brandon was able to start school on time, which didn't look possible about 12 months before school started, but I believe the program that Gymbaroo implemented had a very big impact on his progress. After seeing the positive benefits from Gymbaroo I have had my subsequent 2 children enrolled from when they were about 6 weeks of age. My family, and others, think it a waste of time doing Gymbaroo early, but you need to lay good foundations for success later in life. On a personal level I have gone back to Uni to continue with my teaching studies, this time in the early childhood area, after seeing what such a benefit children have when they have a good start. The things we learn about at Gymbaroo has also helped my studies as I have a greater understanding of child development. Thank you to everyone at Gymbaroo Maitland for providing such a fantastic program.

Jodette Clark - Maitland

I started my first son when he was 5 months old. I found it so beneficial as a first time mum to see activities that I could do with Jack at home. He loved Gymbaroo, so when i was having problems with my second son, Tommy, we started Gymbaroo. Tommy was a very anti-social baby. He used to scream whenever people were too close to him (particularly other children). I thought gymbaroo would be a great social as well as educational experience for both of us. It took a little while for him to become comfortable, and he still isn\'t great with contact with other people & children, but he can be in the same \"space\" as other children and this has been a huge relief for us. I credit gymbaroo for the huge change in Tommy\'s confidence & ability to interact with others and Jack is perfectly prepared to go to primary school next year. Thank you Gymbaroo Maitland for making a positive difference to our lives!

Kate Ryan - Maitland

I would recomment Gymbaroo to anyone. My son was 6 weeks premmie and so we started at 12 weeks of age. The changes we saw in him were almost instant. He hit all his milestones on time, and not delayed as our pead warned us and he loved it. His now 17 months old and are about to start our 6th term at Gymbaroo. He still loves playing on all the equipment and the activities as well as I get to talk to other mum's who are going through similar stages with their children. We both look forward to roo roo each week. We also bought some of the CD's and when ever his in a bad mood in the car we put them on and it's instant silence as he listens.

Katherine Cant - Maitland

Thank you so much for having Beth's 3rd birthday party at Gymbaroo. Beth and all the other children had a fantastic time. Even though we're all from Singleton, I have heard from some of the other parents that their children are now requesting Gymbaroo parties in Maitland for their next birthday - even the 8 year olds! It will be a party we all remember for all the right reasons!

And Renee thanks for bringing so much energy to the party and showing the kids so much fun. They loved the dancing, games and 'digging for treasure'.

From our perspective, it was a real success and we're so appreciative that you were able to offer this fantastic service for our special girl.

Thanks again,

Kerrie and Brendan

Kerrie O'Brien - Singleton

As a mother of 3 young children who have all attended Maitland Gymbaroo from 12 weeks old, I have to say Thankyou Ruth, Christine and the rest of the staff at Maitland Gymbaroo. Gymbaroo has not only helped my children develop, learn and grow, but it has helped me as a mother in so many ways. The information and resources that Gymbaroo give you are great. My eldest son is going to miss it next year when he goes to school. I would greatly recommend taking your child to Gymbaroo, whether it be for development, interaction with other children their own age or for yourself, getting you out of the house and meeting parents going through similar things to you. It's worth it. Thanks again Maitland Gymbaroo

Kristy Grainger - Maitland